Grateful to CoVid-19?!

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Is it really possible to find a silver lining in all of this crazy CoVid times we’re all living in—even though we didn’t sign up for it?

We can all shout at the top of our lungs about all the horrible and annoying circumstances it brought us, or has taken away from us, but maybe it’s time to flip things around. Let’s look for and hold on to the positives instead—or try, at least.

On my flip side, I now have the joy of being up to my neck with five—yes, five lively grandchildren. We’ve tightened up our family unit, three adults and five kids—we’ve become Eight is Enough, and leading our motley crew is the baby. Did you know that babies rule? This one certainly does in our household. We need to be quiet when she is down for a nap, and then we’re frantically trying to remember and get everything done possible, when she’s up and about. That comes with another set of challenges.

That’s what I mean, though—about looking for and finding a silver lining in the midst of everything. It’s so totally out of this world being blessed to watch them—close up and personal—daily. I’m continually amazed at their rapid growth in every way, their bright eyes and smiles, and plentiful hugs; seeing my character traits reflected in their sweet little faces. (And yes, it’s tough not to worry about that!)

So I’m asking you, are you able to find something to be grateful for, and will you hold on to it (or them)?

By WriteLovey

Abba Father Love Inspired

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