Chasing Sunsets by Karen Kingsbury

My Take – Book Review

In Chasing Sunsets, Kingsbury brings the fulfillment of God’s grace to a beautiful close. We continue the story of Angels Walking with a new assignment for God’s messengers. The situation is dire and many lives are at stake. This is not only an opportunity of redemption for one angel, but also healing for several of our characters’ relationships. This is God’s business; hear his peoples’ prayers and respond. It doesn’t mean life will not have hardships, hurts, and crazy times, but that he is with us every step of the way and he has plans for us to give us life and life much more abundantly that we could ever hope or ask for.

This was a quick story for me as I was familiar with most of the characters and I wanted to see everything come to a happy close. Well, it… Nope, not going to spoil it for you. Enjoy another beautiful read from Kingsbury and maybe look at your life more closely. Have you been entertaining angels unaware?

Is Your Life a Roller Coaster Ride?

Man’s Best Friend – Really?!

My head begins to nod to the side – it feels so heavy. I just want to be near them, but I’m just not comfortable sitting here. Oh, what to do? What to do? As I turn my head this way and that, I just don’t know whether to stay or go. Why isn’t at

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Bogged Down?

Maybe you’re like me… Feeling the gravity of the bog as it attempts to pull us down and keep our focus on the struggle. For a time I let it dominate and my eyes become fixated on the mud. It’s thick, goopey, and its got me good and stuck. I have two choices (as usual

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Which Direction Are You Heading?

Picture a door in front of you… Which way does it open? It usually opens into the next room, or home, or whatever place. This is to make it easier to step into where you’re heading. So today, open the door that is in front of you, and step into your next opportunity. The door

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Working, Working, Can’t You See I’m Working Here?!

Recently, I’ve been given good news and bad news… (Personally, I’ve never understood why someone wants to receive the good news first. I want the bad news first, so the good news I hear afterwards sticks with me, and hopefully overrides the bad news.) 1. I’ve been laid off from my essential ‘outside’ job. (This

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