To Heaven and Back – My Take

To Heaven And Back by Mary C. Neal, MD

I found this to be a well-written book. We may not need or want to go through a trip to heaven and back to know, believe, and love the God that created us, but it may surprise you at seeing Dr. Neal’s point of view as you delve into her story. I love that this near death experience is written from a doctor’s perspective. I can hear her scientific mind and her deep spiritual beliefs working together to make sense of her experiences. I found this book to be a quick and easy read, albeit at the same time it was also quite thought provoking.

I was expecting the near death story as this is what the book is about, but what came as a surprise was Mary’s life leading up to and after her near death experience (many more close calls, etc). As you journey along with Dr. Neal, you may begin to ask questions, life affirming questions, tough life choice questions. Maybe you will explore where God has been throughout your life. Do you see God’s hand more clearly now? It made me nod my head many times as I, too, have my own God-incidences (what I use in place of coincidences). Do you want to reignite your flame for living life to the fullest, maybe press in and re-gain your joy of life? This will be a great place to start.

Dr. Neal ends her book with a call to action and then wraps up with answers to many questions she received and that you may have for her as you read her story. Whether you want to read this book to receive comfort of life after we die or whether you’re just looking for a good read, I believe you will be happy with this choice.

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