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Will I ever read a book written by Karen Kingsbury and not cry? I’m pretty certain the answer is a resounding “NO”. So it comes as no surprise that I cried through at least half of this story. Were my tears all sad? Absolutely not! As a born-again believer myself, I am touched to the depths of my being at the Biblical truths that Kingsbury builds her stories on. Many words and phrases resonate clearly, loudly, and profoundly throughout my entire being. Although my words may seem to be over the top, I find they don’t seem adequate for how touching this story is. You’ll find this story to be from a unique perspective compared to the usual vampire, shape-shifter, or dark anthology. Kingsbury created a story based from the perspective of angelic beings, called messengers, sent to earth to aid in fighting the “unseen” battle which is visibly taking place in the spiritual realm.

Beginning in heaven, the story quickly unfolds to live events taking place on earth. Grace. Here we see a clear definition of grace as Kingsbury portrays this beautifully from a handful of characters’ lives that intersect and overlap one another. Each character is walking out their own “grace” walk. Through this book, and every book of Kingsbury’s I’ve read, we may or may not be surprised to see glimpses of our own lives reflected in the characters we get to know as the story expands. I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in this book while also being reminded of how continually God has been pouring out His grace in my own life. Enjoy another great read!

Do With Me What You Will…

Abba, Father even if I’m kicking and screaming, crying and whining, know that I want, no I need your will to be done in my life this day and every day. Because I know that your will is greater, kinder, and more loving over anything I can hope or imagine. After all, I’ve happily, reverently […]

Doesn’t My Daughter’s Life Matter?

“Why do I have to be half black?” Those and other phrases are the heartrending cries I listened to as I desperately tried to console my daughter. My daughter is in a fight for, not only her life, but the lives of her five children. Here’s a little background. My daughter has been very unfortunate in […]

Where Does My Help Come From?

This isn’t the first time I’ve posted this question… The answer is still the same… Where Does My Help Come From? I absolutely love that phrase. It arrests me, halts me. I hear the words echoing in my head. And a calmness, a peace washes over me, and I know that I know that my […]

Family & Love Ones…

We can’t always choose family or the ones we love that have been placed in our lives, but we sure can do each other a favor and raise healthy boundaries around each other. Family can be our greatest strength and our biggest weakness. Face it, family dynamics are tough. There are no others that can […]


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