Gideon’s Gift (The Red Gloves #1) – My Take

Do You Believe?

I had the joy of listening to Karen Kingsbury’s Gideon’s Gift (The Red Gloves, #1). A quick read (or listen to, in this case) but so very moving. This is a wonderful Christmas story so you may want to save it, especially if you look for marvellous stories to share with your family. I fell right into this story and had a tough time putting it aside.

When characters are so well developed they have a weight in my head and the protagonist and antagonist are vivid in my mind’s eyes. I was invested in both of them right from the beginning. A character that draws out our emotions, either good or bad, is a character that will stick with us long after we have finished the story. It didn’t take long before I was mad at the antagonist, but as his story unfolds my compassion rose. I learned there are traumatic circumstances that could bring any of us to the end of our rope and before we know it, we may find ourselves in a similar situation ending up living on the streets. After reading this book, we should look at street people with a little less judgement and a lot more compassion. Who knows what their story is.

Kingsbury ends the story with a call to action that will work wonderfully well at Christmas time. Something that the entire family can get involved in. I know that I will propose it to my family this Christmas—after I have them listen to the story. Thanks, Karen, for another marvellous story!

Do With Me What You Will…

Abba, Father even if I’m kicking and screaming, crying and whining, know that I want, no I need your will to be done in my life this day and every day. Because I know that your will is greater, kinder, and more loving over anything I can hope or imagine. After all, I’ve happily, reverently…

Doesn’t My Daughter’s Life Matter?

“Why do I have to be half black?” Those and other phrases are the heartrending cries I listened to as I desperately tried to console my daughter. My daughter is in a fight for, not only her life, but the lives of her five children. Here’s a little background. My daughter has been very unfortunate in…

Where Does My Help Come From?

This isn’t the first time I’ve posted this question… The answer is still the same… Where Does My Help Come From?I absolutely love that phrase. It arrests me, halts me. I hear the words echoing in my head.And a calmness, a peace washes over me, and I know that I know that my help comes…

Family & Love Ones…

We can’t always choose family or the ones we love that have been placed in our lives, but we sure can do each other a favor and raise healthy boundaries around each other. Family can be our greatest strength and our biggest weakness. Face it, family dynamics are tough. There are no others that can…


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