Ditch the fear and Just Write It – My Take

Shot from the hip—this book is concise and directed specifically for female entrepreneurs ready to get on with writing that book. You know. The one that has been waiting half a lifetime to get written. Here you will find step-by-step how to get writing now. This is a ‘no more excuses’ book that can become your launch pad to accomplishing your ‘mission impossible’ goal when you first picked up this book.

To balance out the work portions of this book (which is where you will actually put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard) are brief, but concise glimpses of successful women who are making a difference and meeting the needs of other people. If reading about their successes and following Bigwarfe’s specific steps are not enough to motivate you, then I’m uncertain what will.

If you are ready to get started (or knock off the dust from the manuscript hiding in the back of your closet) on your writing journey, whether it be just one book or many, here you will find a beautiful starting point with lots of specific steps to help you along the way. Well done, Alexa, and thank you for all the key takeaways. This book could become one of your key library resources, now and in the future. So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the Fear and Just Write It!

Let’s continue to grow in compassion, caring, and love together.


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