Maggie’s Miracle – My Take

Sometimes it’s great to read or listen to an uncomplicated, yet deeply heartfelt story. This book is another fantastic Kingsbury Christmas story with a unique twist. I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. If you love kids, moms and dads, then this story will be a favorite that’s listened to and reread, probably yearly. We could all do with a Christmas miracle this year and every year.

Kingsbury brings us along on another miracle ride that has me shouting, “I believe in miracles, too”, especially Christmas ones. Consider that love is powerful and a little boy writes God asking for a daddy and also asking for his mom to believe in love, again. You know this will be a recipe for light and laughter. Kingsbury’s characters are people you feel you know or have met before. This book or audiobook would also make a great Christmas stocking stuffer. Share the joy of hope found in these pages with family and friends. If you read or listen to this story as a family, expect to spark some great discussions.

Do you believe in love? Do you believe in miracles? Here you will find both. You may cry a little, laugh a lot, so what are you waiting for?

Strength or Weakness

My strength is puny even though I strength train regularly. Sure I’m physically a little stronger, and I can do a few more things on my own…. Here’s the best thing I’ve ever used my strength for… I use my strength to cling to Him who gives me all strength for all things that come… Continue reading Strength or Weakness

Just Take a Moment

A wee bit busy are you? Can’t even find time to take care of yourself? Need a break from all that work, all those high-energy kids, but there’s no way to fit anything else in your schedule? I highly recommend an audiobook for a wonderful way to bring a laugh, a song, an adventure right… Continue reading Just Take a Moment


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