My WIP Tidbit-1

Here is a raw morsel from my #WIP first draft (very in need of editing) excerpt:

Gold Ring or Brass Ring

Am I too late, Dad? I think I only reached for and grasped the brass ring, but I really want the gold one, now…

Wow! Can you believe it? In a brief time, I will have to remember to ask for my senior discount. Have you asked yourself, where did the time go? Is it too late to ask God if I’m doing what I’m supposed to? That’s one of my Daddy’s promises. When I turn to him for anything tiny, large or in between, he will always make a way for me to reach my heart’s desire. Again, sometimes even to my detriment. As parents, we have a tough time denying our children their heart’s desire. We want them to be living a happy and fulfilled life. What my Father has been gently guiding me through is that the desires of my heart are what he placed there from my conception. When I unlock and learn my particular skill-set, I could then excel and gain confidence, passion, and peace knowing I am walking out my purpose.

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