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295. Apple a Day: Write about a health topic that interests you.

365 Creative Writing Prompts

Work – Life – Balance – what exactly does that mean? Whatever that means, I’ve been on a bit of a unique journey. For quite a few years this trek through the wilderness of life has taught me not so much about work-life balance as much as mind-body-spirit balance.

Most battles we face begin in our minds. Our mind (or minds—it may seem that way sometimes—at least for me it has) is extremely powerful and can create and destroy scenarios 24/7, 365 days a year. We fight so hard to stay upright in every aspect of our lives it’s often not until something goes wrong in an outward expression through our physical body before we realize we have a situation. My fight had morphed over the years and just when I thought I had a grasp of myself—I’m on the upward climb, feeling good about yourself—when something or someone comes along and knocks you down. How about if you knock yourself down? How many of those situations go totally unnoticed by our conscious mind because our subconscious is so good at telling us a story. When my physical body manifested an illness, I had to take care of myself to stop the pain—I finally got a good look at what’s going on and became alarmed enough to care.

Even as a born-again believer in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour who will return one day, I forgot and let the worries and care, situations and mistakes bring me down. Food crept in to keep me occupied and then I obsessed about how I looked and shortly after that it was how I felt in my clothes—in my own skin. My epiphany came after many pounds and a nagging depression had settled in. I was so broken that it was affecting every part of me and how I functioned in life. A disease had entered and was ravaging my mind, my body, and my spirit.

I felt that I had to start with my spirit. If I could get aligned in my spirit, if my spirit would be in line with Him who I asked into my heart so many years ago, then I knew I had to let Jesus be my guide; and He was and will always remain so. He led me to research a 40-day juice fast. I knew that a habit formed or broke in a month or 30 days. I knew that I needed a clean sweep in all areas of my being. I needed to heal in my spirit, my mind, and my body. (This story will become a book soon.)

So, I ask you—how is your spirit-mind-body balance these days?

By WriteLovey

Abba Father Love Inspired

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  1. This is good Heather!

    The three things I might point to that I consider typos are;
    1. with ‘worries and care, situations and mistakes’ the singular should be plural to match;
    2. with the same the placement of the comma indicates that worries and cares belong together, and situations and mistakes belong together, to then be presented as two subjects in ‘worries and cares, situations and mistakes’;
    3. I would word ‘I knew that a habit formed or broke in a month or 30 days.’ as ‘I knew that a habit could form or break in a month or 30 days.’

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