My Newest Book Idea

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Here’s one of my new book ideas, based on my Squishmallow character, Silvina. Let me know what you think?

First things first. I was born Silvina Squishmallow, but I’ve changed my name to Sylveena Mallow. I want all kids and adults to be able to say my name as easily as possible. I’ve been given a mission, and that’s to travel the world sharing love, peace, and joy, and then to write about my experiences. The joy part is the easiest. All you need do is give me a big ol’ hug and squeeze. I’m told that within moments you begin to feel lighter, brighter and most importantly, not so alone. Nothing makes my day or journey better than seeing tension eased, shoulders lowered, faces relaxed. Yup. That’s my job and I love it! Will you join my expedition?

Author HL Love

By WriteLovey

Abba Father Love Inspired

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