My Newest Book Idea

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Here’s one of my new book ideas, based on my Squishmallow character, Silvina. Let me know what you think? First things first. I was born Silvina Squishmallow, but I’ve changed my name to Sylveena Mallow. I want all kids and adults to be able to say my name as easily as possible. I’ve been given…… Continue reading My Newest Book Idea

Smoke & Fire

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265. Smoke and Fire: “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Use this saying as inspiration to write!365 Creative Writing Prompts “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” was the last thing I heard when suddenly all sound seized and that phrase kept bouncing around and around in my head. In my mind I was seeing the tiny spark…… Continue reading Smoke & Fire

Prompted to Write…

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Write a story titled, “The Baby Dragon.” The Baby Dragon Today is the day. I could tell something gigantic would happen. Mom’s acting weird, well weirder than normal. She’s kinda fluttering around, wringing her hands, and sighing a lot. That seems like something’s up, I’m sure of it. “Mom,” I whisper yell. If she wants…… Continue reading Prompted to Write…