Prompt Advice!

“Eat smart, healthy choices, and drink your body weight in water—every day!”


Over the years, an interesting personal phenomenon has taken shape. It is great to care for others and want to help them, and although that may be the upside to sharing my sage advice; there was clearly a downside, too. Take my below sample situations.

When I sit in the passenger seat of a car and offer advice on keeping a safe distance from the car in front, it sounds logical and it may be my defensive driving training plays its part, but here’s where things get sticky. I find the next time I’m behind the wheel of my car, I’m on the reciprocating end of being too aggressive and start tailgating! So my wonderful advice, I so loquaciously handed out, just flew out the proverbial window when it was my turn.

As a former Certified Personal Trainer, I’m armed with the knowledge I need to take the best care of my body. I know this body requires a certain amount of sleep each night in order to heal itself from the rigors of the previous day. I know the proper nutrients and quantities of food this body needs each day. Many will tell you I have been very generous in offering this knowledge, too.

Here’s where it unravels, though. It is seemingly so very easy to offer advice. Why is it so difficult to follow it—even for me?

Have I learned anything from these experiences?

What’s your take?

I will continue to work on being kind to you and kind to myself. I will offer advice when asked and I will laughingly tell you I’m a continual work in progress too, and attempting to follow said advice. Some days are great, but other days are down the drain. The most important take away is both will happen and should be expected. I’ll keep working towards the healthier, better choices, but I’m also going to give myself and others the grace for those times when everything seems to go wrong. If you don’t know my second byline, here it is:

Let’s continue to grow in compassion and love together.

By WriteLovey

Abba Father Love Inspired

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