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I’m thinking how we approach highway on-ramps may say something about our personality type. For instance, have you ever been behind a driver that slowed down as they started up the on-ramp? Maybe they really don’t enjoy driving on the highway but it’s convenient, or a necessary evil so they’ll tackle it, anyway. Then there’s me. I see the on-ramp ahead and it’s like I become a bridled horse and I lean forward a little, champing at the bit, trying to restrain myself.

That leads to the merger, hmm. There are those that have attained or nearly attained the highway speed, so the merge is smooth. Then there’s the driver that has slowed down on the on-ramp and is now nowhere near the speed limit and they’re not finding a place to fit in and the ramp is running out—queue break lights everywhere.

Don’t get me started on those that you have to race ahead of to merge before the on-ramp runs out or slow way down because they won’t let you in. That’s why I love our “sport” mode. I hit that button and even if some mean person is trying to close the gap and not let me in ahead of them—even if I am running out of on-ramp, the car leaps ahead and I get in front, anyway.

So, what type of on-ramper are you? Please comment below.

By WriteLovey

Abba Father Love Inspired

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