Dead Prompt?!

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237. Obituaries: Look at the recent obituaries online or in the newspaper and imagine the life of someone and write about that person.

365 Creative Writing Prompts

“If there’s one thing I can say about Emily, is that she was the kindest person I know. It all started when we met many years ago. At the time, I was privileged to be on the receiving end of her kindness. I was having one of those fantastic and highly economical meals in Ikea and trying to figure out how I would maneuver my way through the tables to put away my tray. You see, I had my right foot wrapped in plastic as I was still recovering from a recent foot operation. I was imagining a potentially embarrassing situation as I expected carrying a tray would either make me stumble or fall. Why I hadn’t picked a better spot to sit down and eat, I’ll never know. Suddenly, a little whirlwind came up to me and I nearly tipped over when the weight of the tray disappeared, but then her other hand shot out to grab my arm and she literally hauled me straight up, like I was a small child.”

“I did a double-take as I looked down onto dark curls of what appeared to be a diminutive woman who, seemingly out of nowhere, was there to help me. I felt my face heat up like a hot tomato and I became flabbergasted and embarrassed. On the heels of my embarrassment, I quickly realized that things could have gone completely south without her help. As my embarrassment waned I was uncertain whether to berate her for expending her energy on an old man twice her size or thank her profusely for saving me from making a fool of myself. That’s how I knew just how kind she was. From that point on, we became fast friends. Odd yes, for an old codger like me, but I am so grateful that I… I… got to know her. She’s been taken from us much too soon, but I will share her story with everyone who will listen because we could all do with being half as kind and caring as she was. It is easy for us to say we care, but I haven’t reached the ripe old age of 73 without seeing that words are one thing but actions are another matter all together.”

“I’m hoping that her life will be an example of what we can all strive for. Let’s take time to look around and if we see a potentially disastrous or embarrassing situation about to happen and we can do something about it, then let’s do it.” With that said, I made my way from the podium and sat down heavily in the front pew, waiting to hear what the next person would tell me about my precious Emily. I pulled out my handkerchief and blew a fog horn’s blast into it and surreptitiously wiped my eyes. Man, I’m going to miss you like crazy, Emily.

By WriteLovey

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