Frank Peretti’s – “House” – My Take

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Well, I really enjoy reading Frank Peretti books and usually his imagination sparks mine and I can “see” what he’s showing me. This book did not take me to a summit experience. There were moments when I was almost riveted, but then I would get a little lost in that house—the one this story is about. Maybe that was the point…

The lead up to the house was a little messy, and I was waffling. Was I going to like the protagonist or not? If that was the point, then I was feeling what the author wants me to feel. As we are driving to our destination (which isn’t the house) we are introduced to an important secondary character. I felt, here, there needed to be more depth of character to help me remember him longer; maybe more 3D instead of one-dimensional.

At times, the enactment of the house was confusing. Cruising near the end of the story, the bigger picture becomes clearer. I found my attention wasn’t fully engaged, as it usually is when I’m reading a Frank Peretti book. Nevertheless, there were moments that stood out with vividly drawn parallels to everyday life—these may leave a lasting impact on the reader.

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