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The Paris Dressmaker by Kristy Cambron

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Within these pages of eloquent descriptions of life as a Parisienne you will find just how one person can make a tremendous difference in shaping a country, in saving a country, in standing fast during horrendous times.

This book gave me a peek into the Parisienne lifestyle and how some people navigated life during Nazis’ occupation while being suppressed, used, abused, and treated less than cattle. So many were uprooted, imprisoned, and lost during these times. And yet, they also noted and had compassion on not only their fellow man but also the Jewish people they were witness to as they were being rounded up and shipped off to camps.

When I thought about what I would do under similar circumstances, my instincts were to flee. Yet after reading this book I realize if it wasn’t for the valiant ones that held their ground and even better, they played placid and obedient while becoming part of the resistance that gave people hope and a focus to cling to while praying for liberation.

I love this book as it gives us glimpses into two women that even though they didn’t have many rights, still found ways to help save their beloved Paris, peoples, art, and valuables. May we have half their gumption if we ever have to face similar times.

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