Here’s A Thought…

The best “good habit” to adopt is one that I can obtain and sustain well over a long period of time. If I am constantly fighting to adopt this “good habit” then maybe it’s the wrong habit or the wrong time for me to adopt this habit.

Discipline is something I strive for continually in my life, but I’m learning about it’s flip side, which can be a deadly trap for me… Control. You may say to me, “Isn’t that what discipline is? Self-control?”

The problem for me is that self-control often turns into controlling others around me. If done properly and in the right circumstances, this can be a great leadership quality, but when not carefully monitored I can become overbearing and rigidly ruling everything and everyone in my path.

I think this happens especially when I’m fighting a process when I’m adopting what I believe should be a “good habit.” Now I’ve come full circle and can stop and check my actions and reactions.

When we adopt something new it is going to be a learning curve or at least require some extra effort on our part to make it work, but stop and ask yourself, “Is this starting to work well for me? Is it helping me to achieve a goal? Or am I becoming miserable and consequently making those around me miserable, too?” All great questions to stop and ask myself.

I can test this theory out by relaxing that rigid self-control and letting my new process slide. Did my day get worse or better? Did I miss that new process, even if it’s not fully adopted yet? Maybe the process is good and right but it needs a tweak.

I guess I’ve just given myself some work to do. Thanks for listening…

Here’s to good self-control, not overbearing dictatorship. [Pointing to myself.]

By WriteLovey

Abba Father Love Inspired

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