…Walking on Sonshine!

We all have our own personal kryptonite. For me it’s food and control. I receive my best help in these areas from God. If we all have to have things, situations, or people that cripple us (because we have people, places, and things that lift us up) would you want to be able to choose what those things, people, places are? Probably not. We tend to either be too hard or too soft on ourselves. This way it’s out of your hands, but He holds all within His hands and He’s got this.

It’s kind of like the walk of a person under addiction. So I can say I’m addicted to food and to controlling myself, situations, and people around me. A huge win is first realizing I have a problem(s). From there I have two choices. Ignore the problem or face the problem and work with my handicap as best as I am able.

This is a huge help for me. Just saying it out loud begins to lessen the size and scope of my issues. It seems when we try to hide things under the rug, per se, or when we try and ignore things that all of a sudden I find myself in a tightly confined space with the elephant (ignoring the elephant in the room type thing, right). Again, when we face issues, fears, things hindering us they begin to shrink. 

So today, why not try something a little different and actually look at those things, situations, places, and people holding you back and down, and start with just staring those things in the face. There’s no rush here. We will take baby steps. For me, I will continually hand over my issues to God. And when I truly hand them over to Him and let go of them (famous writing on vehicles in Barbados – Let Go! Let God!) then I will feel many times lighter and my day will be many times brighter. Let’s be overcomers today and everyday! Who’s with me?

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