Too Much on My Plate?

Some ways that I’m learning that I’ve placed too much on my plate are:

  • Analysis paralysis
  • Procrastination—finding myself doing anything but what really needs to get done
  • Apathy
  • Depression
  • Self-sabotage
  • When the joy you usually have for doing something you love doesn’t seem so great anymore…

You may have a few others to add to list, but I believe you get the idea. When any of these things occur, and if I keep in tune with my body, then a red flag waves.

Now, it’s time to stop and assess. I’ve only got 24 hours in my day and 8 are set aside for sleeping, about 3 for eating meals, so revising my schedule is a must.

Once I decide which things are most important to complete today and I stop trying to do everything today, my shoulders begin to lower, my breathing begins to even out, and my heart rate slows to a more healthy cadence.

Hopefully, what we love to do starts looking lovely once again. Here’s to biting that elephant one bite at a time, eh?

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