Man’s Best Friend – Really?!

My head begins to nod to the side – it feels so heavy. I just want to be near them, but I’m just not comfortable sitting here.

Oh, what to do? What to do? As I turn my head this way and that, I just don’t know whether to stay or go.

Why isn’t at least one of my favorite spots cleared and ready for me? All I want is to be closer to them, can’t they see? How do they not know that my heart beats for them every day? I just want to be where they are and go where they go… A buster of a yawn escapes my mouth and I think about the fact that my head is too heavy and I need to close my eyes… Sleep is, once again, calling me.

Well, maybe I’ll just curl up here for a bit in the hopes one of my favorite spots will become available soon. A few minutes later, I jump up again and spin in a circle. I look longingly at my two favorite spots. Both are still cluttered with no room for me. With an air of dejection, I once again spin around trying to make this spot more comfortable.

With a heartfelt sigh that we could clearly hear, my dog lies down, seemingly forlornly, in her doggy bed. I wonder what goes through that head of hers…

3 responses to “Man’s Best Friend – Really?!”

  1. so funny…it will let me reply but will still not allow me to LIKE your posts!


    1. Okay, going to try the next thing, now :).


  2. awwww πŸ™‚


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