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I had the joy of listening to Karen Kingsbury’s Gideon’s Gift (The Red Gloves, #1). A quick read (or listen to, in this case) but so very moving. This is a wonderful Christmas story so you may want to save it, especially if you look for marvellous stories to share with the family. I fell right into the story and had a tough time putting it aside.

When characters are so well developed they have a weight in my head and the protagonist and antagonist are vivid in my mind’s eyes. I was invested in both of them right from the beginning. A character that draws out our emotions, either good or bad, is a character that will stick with us long after we have finished the story. It didn’t take long before I was mad at the antagonist, but as his story unfolds my compassion rose. I learned there are traumatic circumstances that could bring any of us to the end of our rope and before we know it, we may find ourselves in a similar situation ending up living on the streets. After reading this book, we should look at street people with a little less judgement and a lot more compassion. Who knows what their story is.

Kingsbury ends the story with a call to action that will work wonderfully well at Christmas time. Something that the entire family can get involved in. I know that I will propose it to my family this Christmas—after I have them listen to the story. Thanks, Karen, for another marvellous story!

By WriteLovey

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