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Three things that I’m daily inspired by are not nearly enough to cover all of my joyous inspirations. Everything my brain observes through sight, sound, smell, and taste sit in my think-tank. If I’m in the flow, then it all turns into my written word—joyous inspiration number one. Joyous inspiration number two is any time…… Continue reading This Writing Prompt…


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Today’s Writing Prompt Monday’s Motivation (?!)TODAY’S WRITING PROMPT: When was the last time you felt truly at peace? What helped you reach that feeling? How could you tap into those factors again? What is peace? For me, peace means that physically, my heart rate and breathing are calm. My mind is probably lazily checking off to-do…… Continue reading Motivation?


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I thought this would be a good time and place to catch you up on all I’ve been working on since I began this new venture (June 21, 2020). I’m not telling you all about myself at once because that would ruin some of my storytelling to come, but I will open up now and…… Continue reading Transparency