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or Listen to me here: @WriteLovey As I walked along the boulevard, I was becoming annoyed being in such a mixed area. My membraneous mask kept switching from single, to double, and then triple coverage, which meant this area was unstable and I needed to hurry along to get to my appointment and to a…… Continue reading 2050

Be Someone’s S.P.A.R.K. Today

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Let’s continue to grow in compassion, caring, and love together.@sheismrslove How to Get Unstuck Inertia is serious business. The laws we learn from our early years in school about objects that are unmoving stay in place because it requires more force in order to get those object(s) moving against the forces of gravity which are…… Continue reading Be Someone’s S.P.A.R.K. Today

My Newest Book Idea

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Here’s one of my new book ideas, based on my Squishmallow character, Silvina. Let me know what you think? First things first. I was born Silvina Squishmallow, but I’ve changed my name to Sylveena Mallow. I want all kids and adults to be able to say my name as easily as possible. I’ve been given…… Continue reading My Newest Book Idea