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or Listen to me here: @WriteLovey As I walked along the boulevard, I was becoming annoyed being in such a mixed area. My membraneous mask kept switching from single, to double, and then triple coverage, which meant this area was unstable and I needed to hurry along to get to my appointment and to a…… Continue reading 2050

My Newest Book Idea

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Here’s one of my new book ideas, based on my Squishmallow character, Silvina. Let me know what you think? First things first. I was born Silvina Squishmallow, but I’ve changed my name to Sylveena Mallow. I want all kids and adults to be able to say my name as easily as possible. I’ve been given…… Continue reading My Newest Book Idea

And That’s How It’s Done!

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Start your story with someone robbing a bank and end it with two people driving on an interstate.Posted in Dramatic on Nov 13, 2020 Puffing up my chest, I prepared to bellow. “Down, down, down, NOW.” I shouted. All 20 people hit the floor with a series of thuds, scuffles, and muted cries. I looked around and…… Continue reading And That’s How It’s Done!