Maggie’s Miracle – My Take

Sometimes it’s great to read or listen to an uncomplicated, yet deeply heartfelt story. This book is another fantastic Kingsbury Christmas story with a unique twist. I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. If you love kids, moms and dads, then this story will be a favorite that’s listened to and reread, probably yearly.…… Continue reading Maggie’s Miracle – My Take

14 Prompts by Joe Bunting

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In small, explosive bites I have been handed the gauntlet. I picked it up and ran with it before I was cognizant of the fact I had accomplished the goal—not once, not twice, but 14 times. Fourteen prompts had me jumping, running, smelling, tasting and feeling—all displayed in my daily writing habit. I’ve never tried…… Continue reading 14 Prompts by Joe Bunting