My Tribute to all Heroes

My prayers go out to all frontline workers, caregivers, guardians, and parents.

Abba Father, I come to you as one of your own. You have told me that my prayers matter, that I matter. You also tell me that your heart beats for all of your children. I would like to end this year with prayers over all of your people who are exhausted and feel past the end of their proverbial rope. You know each one and you feel their tears that are often cried only on the inside.

Lord, please send your messengers, Angels to strengthen, lighten and bring healing to all who fight day in and day out to care for those that are sick and dieing. Let them hear you sing over them, Lord. Please carry them when they can’t take another step.

For all parents, caregivers, and guardians, I pray for each of you to be strengthened and encouraged.

I appreciate all of these Heroes, Lord. My heart and prayers also go to all people that are facing or have been evicted. Please bring justice, caring, and compassion to those that make these decisions, Lord.

Thank you, Jesus. In your most precious name I pray.

May we continue to grow in compassion, caring, and love together.

By WriteLovey

Abba Father Love Inspired

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