Maggie’s Miracle – My Take

Sometimes it’s great to read or listen to an uncomplicated, yet deeply heartfelt story. This book is another fantastic Kingsbury Christmas story with a unique twist. I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. If you love kids, moms and dads, then this story will be a favorite that’s listened to and reread, probably yearly.…… Continue reading Maggie’s Miracle – My Take


Have you seen one like it?In a rush,A fleeting thought,Pause a moment,A moment of stillness ensues. Absorption of colours, lights, shadows, and shapes. Oh, how pretty the view—Upon my lips a slow, appreciative smile forms. This then is what a writer must engineer; Words strung—sometimes flung together Somehow to do justice to what our eyes,…… Continue reading Picture

I’ll Raise You A Prompt

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253. Poker Face: Write about playing a card game.365 Creative Writing Prompts As I pulled out a chair and plopped down, a heart-felt sigh escaped. At last, what I had been waiting for all week was about to begin. As I drew in a deep breath, I promised myself that I would get it all…… Continue reading I’ll Raise You A Prompt