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A word, swirling, swinging, and twisting on their cardboard signs.One moment making sense and in the blink of an eye they vanish.Large words shouting as they sling by like a suit on the rails at the dry cleaners.Small, itty, bitty words that, even with a squinted eye, can’t be made out.What to do with these…… Continue reading Words


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Today’s Prompt comes from ReedsyPrompts Write a story that either starts or ends with someone asking, “Can you keep a secret?” “Can you keep a secret?! And not like last time, Sara.” I angrily shook my head at my closest and oldest friend. We met in kindergarten. “This is really, really important and I want…… Continue reading Shush!

I’ll Raise You A Prompt

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WWP #49As a kid, what was your favorite way to spend a weekend?Find Your Voice “Again?” I whined. It was another idyllic summer day, and we were out in the left pasture, literally. Yeah, I’m a city kid, but one of my best friend’s lives in the country and when school let out for summer,…… Continue reading I’ll Raise You A Prompt