Artist’s Rendition

Today’s Write Practice 06-28-2020 26 JOE BUNTING What if you studied an artist, molding your lenses around hers, and then practiced seeing like she sees, writing like she would write? How would this change your writing? THE PROMPT Find a painting by an artist you admire, and study it for several minutes. What is unique…… Continue reading Artist’s Rendition


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Today’s Write Practice – 06/25/2020 What wound do you need to confront?  THE PROMPT  Tell the story of one of your scars. You don’t have to share this with your writing group, but I’m sure they would be honored if you did.  (You know how long to write for.)    Just thinking about wounds that…… Continue reading Wounds…

You Are a Part of Me

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  I wrote this about a decade ago. Click the link below to read my poem. Dedicated to my children…

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